About Mao

Mao arrived outside our door in November 2011 looking very hungry and rather wet from the rain. We gave him some food and while we tried to determine where he came from called him "cat". Nobody replied to the lost & found message and none of the local vets had been contacted so we kept him. The vet guessed he was about one year old. At that point we renamed him "Mao", being the Chinese word for cat rather than a reference to the Chairman.

Mao has some odd behaviour, such as wanting company while he eats (he'll come and get one of us when he's hungry and purrs while we stand next to him eating). He also likes drinking from the bird bath in the garden. When we go out for a walk he will often follow us up the drive so we have to bring him back home again.


His interests include chasing almost anything that moves, climbing trees and fighting the other local cats. He enjoys eating small mice and birds that he catches in the garden and, like every cat, he is very, very good at sleeping.