About Joy

I was born in Taipei, Taiwan which is a small island off the coast of China with a population of 23 million. It was the first Chinese country to have genuine democracy, and given the state of democracy in Hong Kong and Singapore, is still the only one despite their wealth and colonial history. It used to be known as Formosa ("beautiful island" in Portuguese) and its official name is Republic of China, which most people confuse with the People's Republic of China (China). And in spite of what the IOC, UN, WHO etc think, it's not Chinese Taipei.

I studied at the National Chengchi University in Taipei and obtained Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Accounting. I went on to become a Certified Public Accountant.

Having worked at PriceWaterhouse Taiwan for a few years, I joined EMI Music Taiwan as Finance Director. In 1994 I married Graham and moved to Hong Kong, becoming EMI's Regional Finance Director. This in turn led to a spell as Senior Director of EMI Music Hong Kong.

In 1999 I rejoined PwC in Taiwan, this time as CFO, to assist them in implementing the global reporting standards and reengineering their business processes.

After that I spent six years as Business Process Controller for Solectron, at that time a leading electronics manufacturer. This was an interesting role but required a great deal of travel; at one point I spent a year in Australia. In order to spend more time in Hong Kong I left Solectron and returned to the music business, joining Warner Music Hong Kong as Finance Director.

In 2011 Graham and I left Hong Kong to migrate to New Zealand, where I'm currently spending some time relaxing (baking, practising Tai Chi and looking after Graham and Mao). I heard from our neighbour that the Red Cross Retail shop in Cambridge needed volunteers so I have been working there since November 2012. I really enjoy my job, steaming and organizing clothes, serving customers and handing tills. I feel satisfied if customers enjoy their time at our shop and are happy with our service and products. I meet a lot of good hearted volunteers who come from different backgrounds. Most of us are very proud of working for the charity organisation and contributing our time.

Graham and I always thought about learning Tai Chi one day. We finally joined Cambridge Tai Chi club in June 2013. I have had a lack of coordination since I was a child. It is an amazing experience for me to learn Tai Chi even though I sometimes have difficulties following the new movements from the instructors. It also seems a little funny for a Chinese woman to be learning Tai Chi from Westerners!