About Graham

Born in Kent, England, I studied Operational Research at Lancaster University. Having worked at various computer programming jobs during the summer vacations I decided to stay in IT when I graduated.

I worked at a company called CCS in London, who specialised in royalty/copyright administration software for the music business. I was mainly involved in supporting and developing the record company systems on the IBM System/36 and AS400 machines using the COBOL language. Unfortunately CCS decided to concentrate on being an IBM agent so in 1987 four of us left and started a new company, Counterpoint Systems. Many of CCS's music clients decided to move to us for support of their systems so I continued to be involved with the record companies. For fun I took up scuba diving and qualified as a Sports Diver with BSAC, but didn't do a lot of diving as I found small diesel boats in the sea make me seasick!

At Counterpoint I also wrote new versions of the administration systems for both record companies and music publishers but this time for PC and LAN based systems. These started in dBase and later I moved them to Clipper. Originally intended for the smaller, independent companies they grew into products that were ideal for the majors in their smaller offices around the world. So I travelled extensively through north, central and south America, Scandinavia, South Africa, Asia and Australia for EMI, Sony and BMG.

It was on one of these trips that I met Joy, who was Finance Director for EMI Music Taiwan. We ended up getting married and both moved to Hong Kong.

After a few months as a consultant helping EMI Music Publishing develop their new royalty system, I became an employee in January 1995. I continued to develop the program and installed it in Australia, Japan, South Africa and across Asia. As Regional IT Director I was also responsible for all IT matters in those countries. While in Hong Kong I also went back to archery, a sport I'd done at school. I did manage to get to the Asian Championships in 1997 in the HK team, but I didn't have enough time to practise so that was the limit of my achievements.

In 2011 we decided it was time for a change and left Hong Kong to migrate to New Zealand. I'm now a freelance IT consultant living near Hamilton in the North island. We had a go at learning to play golf but didn't get very far. Perhaps we'll try again later. Meanwhile we have taken up Tai Chi. I'd always seen it in Hong Kong but couldn't speak Cantonese and never had the time to take it up, but found a local club here run by an excellent instructor (Trevor Rodber). It's a good blend of exercise and relaxation - and a lot less frustrating than golf!